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How does this script work?
The basic data is generated by the QTracker client ("Server Listing"). The QTracker client needs to run 24h per day, and scans every nolf server every few seconds (between 4-7 seconds), and generates a basic variable output (every 5 seconds). That output is read by a php script (every 10 seconds). First versions were made by Icepick. However a current server list wasn't sufficent, so Spawn from got on board, we both wrote (mostly Spawn :) ) an entirely new script, to throw all the queried data into a MySQL database.
That may sound simple. But consider this: the script needs to compare your last result (measured many seconds ago) with the new result (just measured) and needs to substract the new result from the old result. This number needs to be added (and NOT replaced) the the existing number in the database. Oh and it needs to be linked to your name. I could start how to the total online time is measured, but I guess I bored you already. Not sorry for the long post, no potato, but a changelog.

Why this statistic?
It is our idea to stimulate the community to play nolf more, because now we made the competition visible. It is also our idea to bring finally those typical steam statistics now to nolf, there were never those kinds of statistics in nolf and now we collect them from all existing nolf servers.
We also wanted to show, that they community is still quite active!.

Cate Archer Artwork by G.T. Neoart, visit her at:
| blogspot | deviantart | artstation | facebook |
Artwork used with permission!

Current Version 0.6.2 - BETA
- Complete new Design (again!), Design is almost final
- Damn lot of Codechanges (again!)

Version 0.5.5 - Beta
- Database from is used, No local database is involved anymore
- Damn lot of Codechanges (again!)
- Added Last Seen / HighScore

Version 0.5 - Beta
- Teamup between Spawn (Andreas from and Icepick (John from
- All code got rewritten
- Database Implemented

Version - Beta Version
- When a player has 0 kills, it will be now finally displayed.
- Internal Codechanges, the kill number needed to be rewritten. Used "if & elseif & NULL & !isset"

Version 0.3.2 - Beta Version
- Added Notification options
- The number of the current players in the server overview appears green when higher than 0
- The cell, where current players are displayed, will turn yellow when the current player count is higher than 0
- The title of the page "Nolfserver Livestatus" will turn into "[P!]Nolfserver Livestatus" when a player is found.
- Known Bug: When a player has 0 kills, it won't be displayed.

Version 0.3.1 - Beta Version
- Designchanges
- Internal Code-Changes
- Add message when no player is found.
- Added list of current active Nolf pages

Version v0.2 - Beta Version
- Translation into English
- Showing data in tables (for better overview)
- Showing players
- Notification when a player goes online.

Version v0.0.1 Alpha
- First version, showing basic variable output to an HTML file.
- Can be seen here: /firstresult.php

For internal purposes:
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